Yoga School List

State/City Studio Classes
Birmingham Family Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Parent and Baby, and Toddler and Baby Yoga.
Anchorage Prenatal Yoga.
Anchorage and Eagle River Prenatal Yoga and meditation private, in-home or office Yoga sessions.
Fairbanks Prenatal and Family Yoga.
Gilbert Yoga for kids and families with a special emphasis on children with special needs.
Gilbert Yoga for expecting mothers and children ages 6 weeks -15 years old.
Gilbert Kids Yoga.
Prescott Prenatal Yoga.
Prescott Kids Yoga, Meditation and Prenatal Yoga.
Scottsdale Yoga for families and children from toddlers to teenagers. trained.
Sedona Children's Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, mama/papa-baby Yoga, as well as Yoga for family groups.
Fayetteville Yoga, meditation and holistic living practices across Northwest Arkansas to all ages both inside and outside of their studios.
Fayetteville Prenatal Yoga.
Hot Springs / North Little Rock Teacher Training for Childrens Yoga teachers.
Bay Area Movement & optimal fetal positioning classes for pregnant mothers.
Berkeley Holistic Medical Arts Pregnancy Yoga and Childrens Yoga.
Berkeley Pre and Postnatal Yoga.classes. Kiddie Kirtan.
Berkeley Prenatal Yoga, The HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education program.
Calabasas Couple's Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Yoga for Women in all stages of pregnancy (pre, post and during).
Culver City Kid's Yoga and Prenatal Yoga.
Eagle Rock Prenatal and Kids/family Yoga, Meditation.
Grand Lake Pre and Postnatal Yoga. Kiddie Kirtan.
Irvine Prenatal Yoga and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.
Los Angeles Prenatal, Postnatal Yoga and Kids Yoga.
Los Angeles Pre and post natal Yoga, Kids and Family Yoga and Teen Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness.
Los Angeles Movement & optimal fetal positioning classes to pregnant mothers.
Manhattan Beach Prenatal Yoga.
Manhattan Beach Prenatal Yoga and Childbirth Education to expecting parents.
Marin Prenatal Yoga, Happy Kids Yoga.
North Berkeley Prenatal Yoga.
Oakland Pre and postnatal Yoga. Kiddie Kirtan.
Oakland Prenatal and Postpartum physical therapy and Yoga.
Oakland Yoga and Meditation.
Orange county Prenatal Yoga and Prenatal Teacher Training.
Palos Verdes Mommy and me Yoga - an eight week series designed to get mama moving. Kids Yoga, soft and slow for Prenatals.
Rockridge Pre and postnatal Yoga. Kiddie Kirtan.
San Francisco Kids Yoga and meditation. Kundalini Yoga!
San Francisco Yoga for kids and Prenatal Yoga. Also offered at Bayview Opera House and Bayview YMCA.
San Francisco Monthly Community Class where adults and children practice separately and come together afterwards. The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Grass Valley offers a 10-day sleep-away Childrens Yoga Camp every summer for ages 7-14.
San Francisco Prenatal Yoga. Doulas, midwives, sisters, friends and mothers of expecting moms are also invited.
San Francisco Pre-natal classes
San Francisco www.serenitybirth.Com Pregnancy Yoga and Couple's workshops.
San Francisco Prenatal Yoga and Meditation to expecting mothers.
San Francisco Prenatal Yoga classes and workshops
San Francisco It's Yoga, Kids® provides Yoga as a healthy fun activity for mind and body development for all ages and abilities. We offer Teacher Training, Yoga classes and parties for kids - babies to teens - and families.
San Francisco Kids Yoga in studio, however in my private practice I work with children of all ages, families and mothers pre and post natal. I work with Meditation and Yoga as well as teach Reiki.
San Francisco Yoga with pregnant women and new moms.
San Francisco Prenatal Yoga, Childrens Yoga, Teen Yoga.
  Yoga for children and teens.
  Prenatal Yoga,.
San Francisco Regular Yoga with Prenatal modifications with a doctors approval.
San Francisco Carmel Blue is San Francisco parents' premier resource for all things baby: Prenatal Yoga classes."
San Francisco Family Yoga and want to make it more regular, bring your family and your friends.
San Francisco Childrens, Teens, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. We also offer Yoga therapy specifically for children and families that need support.
San Francisco and Nationally Kids Yoga Nationally. Check the web link for a class in your area.
Santa Monica Kid's Yoga and Prenatal Yoga.
Sherman Oaks @rising Lotus Yoga Yoga for girls. Yoga and Meditation based. Social and emotional development.
Silverlake We offer community based Mommy & Me , Baby & me, Toddler & me Yoga for Mom to get back in her body.
Silverlake Prenatal Yoga, Mom and baby Yoga and a Kids/family Yoga. Meditation class that is open to anyone.
South Orange County Prenatal Yoga and Mom + Baby Yoga.
Studio City Yoga for kids and Teacher Trainings all over the world.
Ventura and los angeles Pre/post natal Yoga, as well as children and family Yoga. Privates available
West Los Angeles Yoga for kids, Meditation, Teacher Trainings all over the world.
Woodland Hills Yoga, Meditation, movement studio. Teachers at the Center have specializations in pranayam and Meditation, movement and art therapy, Ayurvedic health care, and pre- and post-natal wellness.
Woodland Hills  
Aspen Yoga and Meditation to children and expecting mothers.  
Boulder Yoga Therapy and Wellness, Meditation and more.
Denver Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Baby and Me, Toddler Yoga, and Family Yoga.
Bozrah Kids Yoga and Family Yoga.
Fairfield Meditation for children and adults.
Hartford Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for post-partum depression.
Old Lyme Childrens Yoga, as well as Yoga and Meditation for all ages.
Old Saybrook Yoga for Kids, Meditation and Aerial Yoga!
Throughout connecticut Prenatal Yoga - Private and Group Classes. Tween Yoga (8-12yrs).
DC Julia Meditation and Yoga. No prior Yoga experience is necessary.
Bethany Beach Pre and Postnatal Pilates and Yoga.
Wilmington Prenatal/ pregnancy Yoga and occasionally mom/baby Yoga.
Wilmington Postnatal Yoga and Kids Yoga through teens.
  Yoga for kids, preschoolers through teens.
  This introduction to Yoga builds the foundation for a lifetime of compassion and self awareness.
  Research Based Benefits:
  Enhances Concentration
  Increases Self Esteem
  Teaches Present Moment Awareness
  Gives Tools for Stress Management
  Encourages Kind Peer + Social Interactions Teaches Discipline + Responsibility Sparks Creativity Increases Flexibility + Strengthens
Bonitas Springs Offers Yoga and Meditation for teens
Bradenton Kids Yoga in the summer and Gentle/Prenatal Yoga year round
Cape Coral Kids Yoga Classes At Schools. Kids of all ages.
Doral Yoga for Prenatal moms and Family Yoga.
Indialantic -Kid Yoga (for 7-11 years).
  -Yoga for Little Ones (ages 4 - 6) Hatha Yoga classes.
  -Conscious Kids classes. A series of classes for children ages 6-12.
Juno Beach offers Yoga and Meditation for expectant mothers.
Miami Kids Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Meditation.
Milton Prenatal Yoga and Family Yoga.
Orlando Meditation, Pre-Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Therapeutic Yoga.
Pensacola 3 locations Prenatal, Mommy and me, and Children 7 and up classes.
Port Richey Pre/postnatal Yoga.
Sarasota Kids are Yogis too...
  Kids Yoga in the Classroom
  Family Yoga Family Yoga is a fun and playful opportunity to bond with your child while learning Yoga and Meditation. Kids practice alongside caregiver while learning breathing and relaxation techniques, Yoga Postures, fun Yoga games and Partnering poses.
Vero Beach Kids Classes, Mommy & Me, Pre/Post Natal Yoga.
West Palm Beach Offers Yoga to children in groups and to families as well.
South Florida  
Decatur Kids Yoga and Adult Hot and Non-Hot Yoga class for parents that coincide with our the Kids classes. You can get your "zen on" while your child is learning the great lessons of Yoga in the room next door.
Chicago Mommy and Me Yoga and Prenatal Yoga.
  We also offer workshops to help you get ready for motherhood.
Chicago Kids Yoga and Adult Yoga Therapy.
  Yoga for Kids, Breath work, Meditation for children. !
  Yoga for Teens.
  Yoga for the Special Child® Yoga for the Special Child®.
Chicago Yoga for kids!
Evanston Yoga for Preteen and teenage girls.
Naperville Abhyaasa Yoga: Practice for Awakening. Offers Yoga/Meditation for kids and Prenatal Yoga as special series.
Indianapolis CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health. offer both Prenatal and kid's Yoga classes at our studio.
Ankeny Prenatal
Des Moines Toddler and Prenatal Yoga Roots Prenatal™ Yoga is the first and only studio in Iowa dedicated to Prenatal Yoga.
Kansas City Children, Family, and Prenatal classes are great for those who want to practice Yoga as a family.
Lawrence Happily offers Prenatal and Childrens Yoga by request.
Overland Park Yoga and wellness for families: specializing in Prenatal Yoga and mommy baby Yoga. Their services include infant massage, chiropractic care, counseling and doula services.
Overland Park Childrens Yoga and Hypnobirthing.
Lexington Childrens Yoga and Meditation.
Lafayette Prenatal Yoga
New orleans Yoga and Meditation for private clients, including adults and children in groups of up to 8 people. Meditation and Yoga programs are fun and taught in-home to offer a fun, relaxed atmosphere with focus on the child or the family.
Portland Pre-natal Yoga.
Waterville Meditation for children.
Boston Offering pre/postnatal classes and workshops
Boston Childrens Yoga and Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings
Boston Prenatal Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.
cambridge Prenatal Yoga and Mommy Baby Yoga.
Canton Kids Yoga program including classes and workshops for children, Prenatal and mommy and me yogis.
East Longmeadow, Kids Yoga
Easton Kids Yoga program including classes and workshops for children, Prenatal and mommy and me yogis.
Somerville offer Prenatal Yoga and mommy baby Yoga
Westwood kids Yoga class for 10-12 year olds. Mondays.
Ferndale oYoga classes for children and expecting mothers. We currently have Prenatal Yoga, baby & me (postpartum) Yoga.
minneapolis Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, All stages of pregnancy and levels of Yoga experience welcome. From toddler to teens.
minneapolis Offers Yoga Calm® a specific Yoga method for kids and teens. Private sessions and workshops.
St. Paul Prenatal, Kids, All stages of pregnancy and levels of Yoga experience welcome. From toddler to teens.
St. Paul Kids are welcome with parents, but it's not specifically a kids Yoga class.
Tangletown Prenatal, Kids, All stages of pregnancy and levels of Yoga experience welcome. From toddler to teens.
Biloxi Prenatal and childrens Yoga.
Columbia Prenatal Yoga and Meditation.
Columbia Childrens Yoga and Meditation.
Maplewood Prenatal Yoga
St. Louis Yoga for kids in the call system.
St. Louis  
Billings Prenatal Yoga and Mommy and Me Yoga classes (ages 6 weeks to crawling).
Omaha Childen's Yoga.
Las Vegas Kids Yoga.
Las Vegas Seeds of peace is a non profit bringing Yoga to the public school system in the Las Vegas Area. Contact to have Yoga in a local school.
Las Vegas - Private Prenatal Yoga and Meditation Classes
- Family Yoga and Meditation Classes
Kids always attend for free (14 and under, accompanied by an adult ).
Reno Yoga for children and Meditation.
New Hampshire  
Dover ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms provide the transformative gifts of Yoga in schools and communities worldwide
Portsmouth Prenatal and Meditation for parents and kids.
New jersey  
Hightstown Kid & "Tween" Yoga for age 5-10, "Tween" for age 11-15.
Maplewood Prenatal, Postnatal, and Kids Yoga and Meditation
  Prenatal Yoga.
Pennington Kids Yoga and Aerial Yoga, as well as kids parties.
Turnersville Childrens Yoga as well as Mommy and Me Yoga.
New Mexico  
Santa Fe Kids Yoga and Meditation. Creative visualization. Summer camp May Through August.
Santa Fe  
Albany Aerial Kids Yoga (ages 6-11) and Parental & Me Aerial Yoga (ages 4-6).
Armonk After school aerial/mat restorative Yoga and Meditation
Bayside Kids Yoga classes and Prenatal Yoga.
Bethpage Kids Yoga and Meditation.
Brooklyn Yoga therapist, Postpartum Yoga for moms.
Brooklyn, Greenpoint Children's Fun Meditation. Fairy School for children between the ages of 4-9 years old.
Chester Kids aerial Yoga
NYC Based Children’s Yoga in schools system nationally.
NYC Based Meditation for children or adults at events or in classrooms.
NYC Based Childrens Yoga in hundreds of NYC classrooms with students of all abilities and ages (from preschool through high school.)
NYC Area Childrens Yoga and mindfulness to nuggets - peanuts through teens.
NYC downtown Prenatal Yoga.
NYC downtown Kids, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes,
Sag Harbor Prenatal Yoga.
North Carolina  
Charlotte Meditation for adults and children with expertise in stress reduction related to trauma.
Norman Rebeca Mera offers free Yoga classes for children in the park, in Norman, Oklahoma. English and Spanish speaking.
Portland Prenatal
Portland Children Yoga and Meditation.
Swarthmore ChildLight Yoga, Tween/Teen class for girls, Prenatal Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation for middle schoolers and Mindfulness half day retreat.
Puerto Rico  
Rhode Island  
Smithfield Prenatal Yoga and Children's Yoga by appointment in private, semi-private and group classes.
Nashville Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga. All stages of pregnancy and levels of Yoga experience welcome. From toddler to teens.
McLean Prenatal and Childrens Yoga.
Spokane Children's Foundational Yoga.
Madison Kids Yoga
Cheyenne Kids Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. Pre K Yoga: For the littlest of yogi, ages 2-4. Kids Yoga: Ages 5-8. Pre-Natal Yoga: For the expectant Momma at all stages of pregnancy. No prior Yoga experience is necessary.
US Based Online Courses  
London The Yoga Project UK (TYPUK) connects inspiring Yoga teachers with schools across the UK.
Amsterdam Offer both Prenatal Yoga and Kids Yoga