Yama Gives

We support programs that are in line with our intentions to bring more yoga and meditation to children and their families. We are interested in supporting groups that impact the community in positive ways by using meditation and yoga, including veterans and others with PTSD, as well as programs that teach about and use organic foods and clean water.

If you would like to tell us about a non-profit or for profit organization that may be a match for Yama, please send us the information through our Contact Page. 


Featured Organizations:

Exhale To Inhale 

"Exhale to Inhale empowers those affected by domestic violence and sexual violence to transform their lives. ETI uses the healing practice of trauma informed yoga to empower survivors, while helping communities to develop skills and knowledge to support them.”

For information: http://exhaletoinhale.org

Contact: Kimberly.Campbell@exhaletoinhale.org


Get Ready To Learn

Evidence Based Classroom Yoga Program. Used In Schools Worldwide.

For Information: http://getreadytolearn.net

Contact: Admin@Getreadytolearn.net


Accessible Yoga.

Accessible Yoga is dedicated to sharing the benefits of Yoga with anyone who currently does not have access to these practices, and with communities that have been excluded or under-served.

For information http://AccessibleYoga.org/


 Yoga Gives Back

Yoga Gives Back is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds in order to alleviate poverty in India... and find ways for the global yoga community to help the poorest people in the country that gave birth to YOGA. In the last ten years, YGB has grown to fund over 1100 mothers and children with micro loan programs and education funds with a minimum of five-year commitment to each person. YGB receives a percentage of all sales when purchased through their social media and newsletters.

For information YogaGivesBack.org