Charity Spotlight+Exhale To Inhale

Exhale to Inhale was founded in 2013 by Zoë LePage, a senior in Barnard College’s Athena Center for Leadership Studies. Zoë named her initiative Exhale to Inhale, the idea being that sometimes we need to let go of that which is holding us back in order to open ourselves up to new possibilities. We need to exhale to inhale. Zoë’s vision: bring the healing power of yoga to survivors of intimate partner violence, especially those who would most benefit from the practice, yet might not otherwise have access to it. 

Armed with a mission statement, Zoë partnered with yoga studios, and community organizations. Within four months, she had a roster of teachers willing to donate their time and had launched weekly yoga classes in three locations. Since then, Exhale to Inhale has continued to expand to more locations, develop new relationships and forge partnerships throughout the country.  To date they have served over 800 survivors! For more information: