Meditation; The Ultimate Brain Workout –

A fellow meditator at a workshop recently mentioned to me that she has a tough time getting past the 15 minute mark in her meditation. This touched home for me because if you've ever tried meditating, it's almost guaranteed that you'll have the same experience, especially as a beginner. I know I did. I am generally excited to hear about others meditation experience for both inspiration and to offer insight if I can. I've found the place in my meditation that is calm, expansive & peaceful. It's really is another place where it's easy for me to sit for long periods of time. I've been fortunate to have almost 30 years to visit this meditation place, some of which were working past the 15 minute threshold of my own.

How did I get past the 15 minute mark when my mind said, “Enough”?

When I was in my teens and with a simple understanding of meditation from Psychology Today magazine and Doctor Strange comics, I discovered the book, "Autobiography of a Yogi". It lit a spark for me. I couldn't put it down. Every page had autobiographical stories filled with human possibility. Mind expanding information was right there on the page. It told me that to increase my own personal power I needed to meditate. If the yogis were spending time in meditation & heightening their awareness, maybe I could push myself to sit longer and more consistently. I started asking myself, what if I increased my meditation time by 1 second? What if that 1 extra second can evolve me or awaken something inside of me that would make life, and maybe the world, better? What if that 1 extra second is the one that takes me to the next level? I started setting a meditation timer to increase possibility.

Aside from many generations of yogic lineage, today we have studies showing that meditation can help lift depression, lower blood pressure, light up dormant parts of the brain, and activate the areas of higher thought, while shrinking the part of the brain related to feeling anxiety. Some very dedicated researchers have spent their time validating these benefits up to scientific standards, so it is credible and available to everyone. Happily, science is catching up with ancient wisdom.

Want to know what meditation can do to make you happier, healthier and a faster thinker? And even more so, do you want to know what it can do for kids, so they have even more time to activate and enhance their neurology, control their moods, and be happier people?

Please check out the recent article I wrote on meditation's effects and recent research on how it helps our brain to evolve in the online wellness journal, The Path Magazine.

Click the link here: The Ultimate Brain Workout.

I want to assure you that if you (or any kids you know and love) are looking for more reasons to meditate, after reading this short article on The Path, it's going to be a lot more difficult to not take the time for yourself.