Just Because Gifts

I love giving gifts, and the day came when I started to anonymously order online and ship to family and friends. The note that was sent with it usually is a version of something like, “You have been giftslammed, because you are loved.” Giftcard.com picked up on this and wrote a little bit about it:


Reason #8: When You Want To Start A Movement

Dr. Bill Kalatsky, author of Piranha Yama and The Art of Non-Biting can vouch for this. He started a small movement within his circle of influence by sending anonymous gifts through Amazon. He says, “It started with my mom, and then my sister, then friends. Small things, obscure things, inexpensive things, puppets, earbuds. It’s fun to wonder if they will figure it out. When I finally told them it was from me, they started doing it, too.”


If you would like to join the movement and “giftslam” a Piranha Yama and The Art of Non-Biting book, t-shirt or tote bag anonymously, let us know. Join the mailing list and email us the password GIFTSLAM and you will get a discount code to use on your second purchase. To read the article and get some more great ideas about anonymous gift giving, click here: http://www.giftcards.com/gcgf/just-because-gifts